Vibration Dynamic Absorbers.

Vibration Dynamic Absorbers:

Who has given these a try?

Dynamic Absorbers are often overlooked and not used, they can be seen as a band aid or a last option for some vibration problems. Whereas in some cases they can be the only cost efficient option, and they are very effective.

The Vibration Dynamic Absorber is a unique bespoke item, maintenance free, that is designed to absorb unwanted energy.

It is tuned to have the same resonant frequency as the structure to set up an out of phase signal reducing the signal generated by the structure.

Knowing the forcing frequency of interest, the material dimensions and parameters including Density (S.I. Units), Young’s Modulus (S.I. Units) and Area Moment of Inertia (si) we can design a component that is tuned to the problem frequency.

Example of a Vibration Dynamic Absorber in action on a horizontally mounted motor.

Example of a Vibration Dynamic Absorber in action on a vertically mounted motor in slow motion.

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