Bearing Failure Examples

Hello everyone, I have created short presentation to share some different bearing failures that were detected before function failure. This has been put together for meetings and toolbox talks to promote the benefits of what defects a condition monitoring program can detect. Every bearing here has a story of how it was detected and what actions were/were not put in place to protect the functionability of the system.

This is aimed to highlight (at a high level) to management and production what we can detect if a suitable system is set up correctly.

I am working on another case study presentation that follows up on these and some other cases. In this one it will have the technical testing data (thermal, electrical and vibration) and a full case study also showing the ‘The Cause’ ‘The Mechanism of Failure’ and ‘The Failure Mode’. This will be posted over 5 videos.

Please feel free to share and spread the knowledge

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