Case Study #5 – 23RPM Defect on a 4 Point Contact Bearing

Hello Everyone,

This was to be the final of the five case studies brought to you with the Reliability Training Institute. But, following on from feedback we will have one more case study next week, this will be an extra long project case study!

In this case study we demonstrate vibration analysis of a slow rotational 4 Point Contact Bearing, with a 23RPM Defect. This is to remind us that correct database set up, and Time Waveform Analysis is so important in slow rotational bearings.

These case studies are to support my book ‘Enhanced System Reliability Through Vibration Technology’ and my new role as an RMS Trainer with the RMS Reliability Training Institute.

Many thanks to Dr Jezdimir Knezevic from MIRCE Science for his enlightening discussion (and MIRCE Science) and to Dean and Stuart at RMS for all their support.

This case study and more can also be viewed on the RMS Blog.

Look out for the extra-long bonus case study project coming next Monday

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