Enhancing system reliability through vibration technology

It has been a very different place for us all over the last year, I hope you are all safe both medically and mentally in this challenging times.

As most will know I published my +19 years of Vibration notes in January 2020, it is a ‘specialist’ book so I knew it would not go far but here are locations I have dispatched to:

1. United Kingdom

2. Ireland

3. United States of America

4. Canada

5. Mexico

6. Peru

7. Australia

8. New Zealand

9. Tasmania

10.  India

11.  Morocco

12.  Finland

13.  Panama

14.  Germany

15.  France

16.  Spain

17.  Austria

18.  Italy

19.  The Netherlands

If you want to purchase a copy, there are three sources.

Direct from the publisher/printers:

1)     The Seasoned Analyst Publications

Northern Hemisphere also from:

2)    Reliability Maintenance Solutions

Southern Hemisphere also from:

3)     Plant Reliability Engineering Ltd

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