JPS Reliability Ltd Book of Gold – Case study 6.4

Here James Sylvester from JPS Reliability Ltd. Ltd covers one of the many case studies in their new publication “JPS Reliability Ltd -Book of Gold – Practical Condition monitoring Case Studies.”

If you are in the UK you can pre order the Book of Gold from Reliability Maintenance Solutions Ltd

If you attend the Reliability Maintenance Solutions Ltd Training Institution Public Vibration Cat 2 course, you will also get a copy of the book of gold as part of your package

If you are attending Maintec in June go and see Andrew Cook to see the #bookofgold on the Connection Technology Center stand D28.

Keep an eye out for more videos to come soon.

Here’s is the video:

1 thought on “JPS Reliability Ltd Book of Gold – Case study 6.4

  1. James, could you please let me know how I might get a copy of your Book of Gold here in Australia. Unfortunately you’ve been a bit coy about the price so I have no idea how much it might cost all up to get shipped here to WA. But it would probably be worth it.
    If you could let me know if I can get a copy and roughly how much it might cost all up that would be fantastic
    All the best,
    Phil Carroll

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