JPS Reliability Ltd Book of Gold – Case study 6.4

Here James Sylvester from JPS Reliability Ltd. Ltd covers one of the many case studies in their new publication “JPS Reliability Ltd -Book of Gold – Practical Condition monitoring Case Studies.”

If you are in the UK you can pre order the Book of Gold from Reliability Maintenance Solutions Ltd

If you attend the Reliability Maintenance Solutions Ltd Training Institution Public Vibration Cat 2 course, you will also get a copy of the book of gold as part of your package

If you are attending Maintec in June go and see Andrew Cook to see the #bookofgold on the Connection Technology Center stand D28.

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Here’s is the video:

JPS Reliability Book of Gold – Condition Monitoring Case studies

Our first publication “Enhancing System Reliability Through Vibration Technology” was 20 years of black book notes put into a VA reference book to assist people learn, it’s written in simple talk for the tradesman and technicians.

This first publication is in stock at Noria

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The feedback we had from this publication was that people loved the case studies and found them very helpful, this was why we wrote this second book.

The new book has 118 case studies with VA data and strip inspection reports and some thermal imaging data as well.

Here is a little introduction video.

PeakVue – Early Detection case study.


Here is another case study, this week is PeakVue – Early Detection case study.

Here is a case study showing how #PeakVue detected Subsurface Hertzian cracks detected on a 110KW Motor on a Variable Speed Drive for a plant critical pump.

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Enhancing system reliability through vibration technology

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Enhancing system reliability through vibration technology

It has been a very different place for us all over the last year, I hope you are all safe both medically and mentally in this challenging times.

As most will know I published my +19 years of Vibration notes in January 2020, it is a ‘specialist’ book so I knew it would not go far but here are locations I have dispatched to:

1. United Kingdom

2. Ireland

3. United States of America

4. Canada

5. Mexico

6. Peru

7. Australia

8. New Zealand

9. Tasmania

10.  India

11.  Morocco

12.  Finland

13.  Panama

14.  Germany

15.  France

16.  Spain

17.  Austria

18.  Italy

19.  The Netherlands

If you want to purchase a copy, there are three sources.

Direct from the publisher/printers:

1)     The Seasoned Analyst Publications

Northern Hemisphere also from:

2)    Reliability Maintenance Solutions

Southern Hemisphere also from:

3)     Plant Reliability Engineering Ltd

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Case Study #4 – Vibrating Screen Gearbox Bearing Defect

Hello Everyone,

Here is the fourth of the five case studies brought to you with the Reliability Training Institute.

In this case study we show that by measuring the correct vibration parameters you can resolve defects in harsh applications, even an inner raceway defect on a vibrating screen. Hopefully, you are finding them of use and helpful.

These case studies are to support my book ‘Enhanced System Reliability Through Vibration Technology’ and my new role as an RMS Trainer with the RMS Reliability Training Institute.

Many thanks to Dr Jezdimir Knezevic from MIRCE Science for his enlightening discussion (and MIRCE Science) and to Dean and Stuart at RMS for all their support.

This case study and more can also be viewed on the RMS Blog.

Bearing Failure Examples

Hello everyone, I have created short presentation to share some different bearing failures that were detected before function failure. This has been put together for meetings and toolbox talks to promote the benefits of what defects a condition monitoring program can detect. Every bearing here has a story of how it was detected and what actions were/were not put in place to protect the functionability of the system.

This is aimed to highlight (at a high level) to management and production what we can detect if a suitable system is set up correctly.

I am working on another case study presentation that follows up on these and some other cases. In this one it will have the technical testing data (thermal, electrical and vibration) and a full case study also showing the ‘The Cause’ ‘The Mechanism of Failure’ and ‘The Failure Mode’. This will be posted over 5 videos.

Please feel free to share and spread the knowledge

Increase your Plant Reliability with a Seasoned Analyst

Increase your Plant Reliability and Increase Profit with a Seasoned Analyst.

Do you have unplanned failures? – How much is this costing the company per hour? – Do you have any repeat failures that causes disruption to production? – Are you firefighting faults? – Do you have any equipment that is vibrating heavily that you can’t reduce? – How can you improve your current maintenance practices?

Many companies don’t have the expertise of a Seasoned Analyst to help them increase Plant Reliability via an effective Condition Monitoring Program. Attached is a PDF that contains information that can assist you in this.

With over 30 years’ experience in the fields of Vibration Analysis, Infrared Thermography, Condition Monitoring and Maintenance Engineering I have put together a book that your Engineers and Maintenance Team will find extremely useful. Having worked with many of the Blue-Chip companies in the UK and Australia, I have collated my experiences to help and support the Non-Seasoned Analyst.

My experience ranges from Lubrication, Thermal Imaging, Vibration Analysis, Ultrasound, NDT, Maintenance Planning, Maintenance Improvements, Project Management and Mechanical Maintenance including on site Dynamic Balancing and Laser Alignment.

I can provide an integrated condition monitoring support service that will manage and drive your maintenance tasks through Health Based Maintenance. This will enable you to know the health of your system, engineer out repeat defects and increase production uptime.

Please read the attached book flyer for more details of how we can help you and your team. If you require further information, please contact us

A profitable plant is reliable, safe and a cost-effectively maintained plant

The Seasoned Analyst

Enhancing System Reliability Through Vibration Technology

A profitable plant is reliable, safe and a cost-effectively maintained plant

The Seasoned Analyst

I have put together a 4 page document to explain why I wrote my book and also what the content is. Please download the PDF below and have a look.

Enhancing System Reliability Through Vibration Technology – The Book. UPDATE!!

We have managed to secure discounted postage with the printing company direct, this update has the new reduced postage costs.

ISBN: 978-1-5272-5386-5

This technical reference book comprises of over 20 years’ experience in the fields of Vibration Analysis, Condition Monitoring and Reliability Engineering. It is written with the technical tradesperson in mind, interpreting Vibration principles into layman’s terms. It has taken 7 years to fine tune the book and I have been though three demo versions. This is the first published version.

All data is from real-life situations with over 20 case studies throughout the book. This is to be used as material to help support knowledge sharing, practical training and mentoring to enhance System Reliability though Vibration technology

This publication comes as an A4 300 page Paper Back printed in full colour on 120gsm paper.

Book Content:

  • Part 1: Introduction to Condition Based Maintenance
  • Chapter 1 – Condition Monitoring
  • Chapter 2 – Mechanics of Failure
  • Chapter 3 – Condition Monitoring Technologies
  • Part 2: Condition Monitoring Management Processes
  • Chapter 4 – Setting up and Reporting
  • Chapter 5 – Practical Application
  • Chapter 6 – ISO Standards 
  • Part 3: Vibration Analysis Condition Monitoring Techniques
  • Chapter 7 – Vibration Units 
  • Chapter 8 – Accelerometer Selection and Mounting
  • Chapter 9 – Signal Processing 
  • Chapter 10 – Bearing Condition Units 
  • Chapter 11 – System Dynamics 
  • Chapter 12 – Resonance & Natural Frequencies
  • Chapter 13 – Operating Deflection Shape Analysis
  • Chapter 14 – Motion Amplification
  • Chapter 15 – Modal Analysis Chapter 16 – Orbit Plot 
  • Chapter 17 – Bode Plots 
  • Part 4: Performing Vibration Analysis  
  • Chapter 18 – General Vibration Analysis  
  • Chapter 19 – Rolling Element Bearings 
  • Chapter 20 – Fluid Film Bearings 
  • Chapter 21 – Gears        
  • Chapter 22 – Paper Machines    
  • Chapter 23 – Jaw Crushers    
  • Chapter 24 – Vibrating Screens 
  • Chapter 25 – DC Drives 
  • Chapter 26 – AC Drives 
  • Chapter 27 – Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)       
  • Chapter 28 – Pumps       
  • Chapter 29 – Compressors    
  • Chapter 30 – Reciprocating Engine Vibration   
  • Chapter 31 – Turbo Machinery Notes 
  • Part 5: Balancing  
  • Chapter 32 – Balancing   
  • Part 6: Appendix
  • Chapter 33 – Case Studies

Please complete the form below with your location, question or number of copies required and we will respond with the costs for postage and packaging.

The costs for this book is (RRP £75) plus postage.

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Please complete the form below with your location, question or number of copies required and we will respond.

A profitable plant is reliable, safe and a cost-effectively maintained plant.

The Seasoned Analyst