Precision Alignment as a Mechanism of the Motion of Rotating Machines through MIRCE Space

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This month we have taken our May blog on precision alignment and applied a scientific approach. Reaction from “new” people to this science subject can be “cold”. It can take time for people to know one small segment of one discipline, then to see the big picture and understand how one small action can impact the big “reliability cake”, the journey is long.


About this paper:

The main objective of this paper is to address the precision alignment actions as a mechanism of the motion of rotating machines through MIRCE Space. To strengthen the claim a case study related to a laser alignment of a pump set used in Power Generation industry, conducted by the authors, is presented in the paper. MIRCE Space is an analytical concept used in MIRCE Science to describe the motion of functionable system through functionability states in respect to calendar time. Mathematically, it is three-dimensional space with the following coordinates are; calendar time, functionability states of a functional system type and a probability of system being in any of these functionable states.

Click HERE for the paper.



The author wishes to acknowledge the support received from Dr Knezevic, MIRCE Akademy, Exeter, UK, while preparing this paper. As the “father” of MIRCE Science, Dr Knezevic, has inspired me to view how every day Condition Based Monitoring can have a significant impact on functionability performance of the whole system.  Consequently, I can now understand how many companies are performing Condition Based Monitoring but are not linking this to the business performance of the whole organisation/company. MIRCE Science is the body of knowledge that bring together these two very different but related disciplines, for the ultimate benefit of the user.

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