Proactive Maintenance

What is Proactive Maintenance?

Condition Monitoring – Tasks that drive and support the overall asset maintenance and reliability  strategy

  • Routine Inspections – Failure Finding Task
  • Lubrication Service – Grease routine and oil changes
  • Scheduled time replacement
  • Scheduled time overhaul
  • Run to Failure
  • Combination tasks
  • Plant dedicated personnel


Basis of Schedules for Proactive Maintenance

  • Wear In or Infant Mortality -Probability of failure decreases over time
  • Random Failure -Probability of Failure is constant over time
  • Wear Out -Probability of failure increases over time


Condition Monitoring is the most effective technique for mitigating the risk of random failure.

It is also used to monitor deterioration in the wear out zone and used as a tool to mitigate infant mortality through Factory Acceptance Testing or Workshop Acceptance Testing.